Difference Makers Awards

The Murdock Award for Business

To be awarded to an area business that is making a positive impact on our community by pioneering efforts to address a major community challenge or by implementing ideas which enhance opportunities for employees and positively impact our community, through the creativity and innovation employed.

The Russ Meyer Award for Community Leadership

To be awarded to an individual who is making a positive impact in our community through demonstrated excellence in leadership and outstanding initiative to create solutions for critical issues facing the Greater Wichita Area.

The Ivonne Goldstein Award for Community Volunteer

To be awarded to an individual, who through outstanding volunteer community service and commitment, is making a measurable difference in our community.

The Sr. Tarcisia Roths, ASC, Award for a Not-for-Profit

To be awarded to a mission driven not-for-profit organization that is creating a significant impact on our community.

The Brian Bergkamp Student Service Award

To be awarded to a high school student who by example has
demonstrated the selfless and giving attitude, which was a hallmark of Brian
Bergkamp’s life, to positively transform society.